Pluto Video Downloader

Pluto Video Downloader

Download videos from 450+ streaming sites (including YouTube), and convert them to many formats

Download videos from 450+ streaming sites (including YouTube), and convert them to many formats

Pluto Video Downloader allows you to download videos from YouTube and hundreds of other streaming sites.

The application also allows you to watch video streams live in a separate player without the browser, and without downloading the video. This makes it easier to watch while you work, and frees you completely from the web browser.

Adding video streams is very easy. Just drag the link from the web site (using Chrome or Firefox) to the drop box to add it, or drag it to the auto play region to add it and automatically start the standalone player to play the stream directly.

Download clips directly to your private video library for easier access. The clips are saved based on the quality you choose, including all the metadata.

- Standalone player can play videos sequentially, even if they are from different sites. This allows you to build your own mixed playlist and play it without interruptions.

- If you need to just get the sound track of a video, you can use the Fast Audio Extract which downloads the sound track without the video, resulting in a smaller download (if available).

- You can convert the downloaded video (or audio) to many formats. The ‘Quick Download’ option allows you to download then automatically convert to the desired format.

- The application downloads most of the video details that you would want (supported on most sites, but not all). Metadata retrieved includes: Thumbnail, Title, Description, Play Time, Uploader Name, Upload Date, Viewers Count, Votes Up, Votes Down.

- You can use a MCE remote control to control the playback of the video streams when using the Standalone Player, and perform operations like Pause, Resume, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next Clip, and Previous Clip.

Pluto Video Downloader has many unique features :

- A standalone player that can play YouTube and other video streams with no ads

- A rich video library for your downloaded videos

- Retrieves all the metadata of the videos (including thumbnail and views/votes count)

- A drop window for quickly dragging videos and playing/downloading them

- Standalone player can utilize a remote control.

Pluto Video Downloader


Pluto Video Downloader